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83rd Anniversary

Gallery Match Results

From March 7-8-9 & 14-15-16, 2014

(February 19, 2014 – Prep Schools Only)

Sponsored by the Connecticut State Rifle & Revolver Association (“CSRRA”)

 held in Memory of Anthony “Tony” Panko, long-time Stratford PAL Coach

8/5/1948 ~ 12/7/2013

Welcome! This year we celebrated the 83rd Anniversary of this match. The Merit Medals, for the fourth year in a row, were again sponsored by the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program at Each competitor firing in the Sub-Junior and Junior portions of the match received a medal—Gold for Juniors & Silver for Sub-Juniors with the Gallery Match logo on the front, and a percentage noted on the back of the medal based on their fired score (100%, 99%, 98%, 97%, 96%, 95%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, and 50%). One 100% percentage medal was awarded this year—Sub-Junior Match Winner Ryan Horn (Bridgeport Rifle Club), Sandy Hook, Connecticut, with a perfect score of 200. He is also the recipient of a Ruger rifle, donated by Blue Trail Range in memory of Peter Jastermsky, long-time supporter of the shooting sports. A second Ruger rifle, donated by Ruger Firearms in memory of Anthony Panko, Stratford PAL Coach, was awarded to Junior Match Winner Sug Han “Sam” Kim (Avon Old Farms School), Seoul, South Korea, with a score of 196. Lapua ammunition, donated by veteran shooter Jay Sonneborn, was also donated (all awards, of course, are subject to local, state, and federal laws). For a detailed commentary of the results and photos, visit the association’s website the end of March -

A match of this magnitude, held over six days requires a tremendous amount of volunteer hours. Thank you to our host, Blue Trail Range and their staff; Stephen Lonczak & Johnathan Chamberlain for technical support; Grandma Woessner and Mrs. Matysiak for hosting the Prep School afternoon; and, to the coaches, parents, athletes, and staff that promoted the match. If you enjoyed yourself, talk a fellow competitor into participating next year; if not, give one of the Match Directors a call and let’s see what we can change to make 2015’s match even better. Enjoy the results!

See you next year for the 84th ANNIVERSARY of the Gallery Match—dates are tent atively scheduled for February 18 and March 13-14-15, 2015 (longer days and relays into the evening but it is no longer cost or time efficient to tie-up staff, range, volunteers, and other resources for two weekends. Mark your calendar today!
Match Directors: CSRRA President Anthony Cuozzo at, 203-619-1461; CSRRA Smallbore Director Stephen Povroznik at, 203-877-3387; and, CSRRA Junior Director Debbie Lyman at, 203-494-1266.

A Record Setting JORC for 2014

Connecticut Junior Olympic Rifle Championships

Two Locations and Weather Lead to Best Attended JORC!

 The Connecticut  State  Rifle  &  Revolver  Association  (CSRRA)  and  Bridgeport Rifle  Club  (BRC),  was   held  at  two  venues  this  year,  BRC  and  the  U.S. Coast Guard  Academy  (USCGA),  and  on  several   dates  (December  12  &  13, 2013, January  4  &  5  &  12,  2014).    The  match  set  the  record  for  the   most dates as  Mother  Nature  blasted  Connecticut  with  the  hardest  winter  storm  of the season  for   many  of  the  scheduled  dates.    Offering  multiple  dates, though, boosted  the  attendance  to  a  record   high  attendance  for  this  particular match. The  most  exciting  record  for  the  match,  however,  was   that  of  the  new venue—the  U.S.  Coast  Guard  Academy  (USCGA)  rifle  range.   The  CSRRA  was   pleased  to  accept  the  USCGAs  invitation  to  hold  the  match  at  their  facilities.

The CSRRA was extremely pleased that the USCGA  was  able  to  offer  their  range as  one  of  the  host  sites  for  Connecticut.    61  shooters  out  of   the  72 competed  at  the  USCGA.    Although  some  technical  difficulties  were encountered  with  the   smallbore  targets  the  first  day,  the  remainder  of  the match  was  fired  on  the  Megalink  electronic   targets.    Electronic  targets  make competitions  more  efficient,  spectator  friendly,  and  allows  for   precise  scoring without  the  human  element  involved  of  plugging  a  shot,  making  judgment calls,   and  eliminating  mathematical  errors.    Opening  their  facilities  to  the CSRRA  was  a  culminated   effort  from  newly-­‐appointed  Rifle  &  Pistol  Coach Richard  Hawkins  (retired  from  coaching  at  the   U.S.  Marksmanship  Training Unit);  LCDR  Bryan  Pape,  Deputy  Staff  Judge  Advocate;  and,  Chad   Barber CW03  (WEPS).    The  CSRRA  is  happy  that  we  were  finally  able  to  play  a small  part  in   showcasing  this  facility  to  Connecticut’s  best  athletes  and presenting  it  is  an  option  for  furthering   their  education  and  shooting  on the collegiate  level.    Any  interested  shooters  can  contact  Coach   Richard Hawkins  at    

Thanks  also  to  Hap  Rocketto  and  the  USCGA  cadets  for  assisting  in  running the  ranges;   Colonel  Alan  Wilcoxson,  CTARNG  for  joining  me  in  the  initial negotiations  with  the  USCGA;  my   husband,  David  Lyman,  for  stepping  in  to run  the  match  on  the  snow  date  while  I  escaped  to   Alaska  for  more  even more  snow  and  colder  weather;  Tyler  Anderson,  USA  Shooting  for  selecting   CSRRA  as  a  sponsor;  Cos  Cob  &  Blue  Trail  Range  for  tying  to  bring  the most competitors  to  the   match;  the  Rhode  Island  shooters  for  joining  us;  and,  all of  the  coaches,  parents,  and  shooters  for   your  cooperation  throughout  the registration,  firing,  and  posting  of  results.    Remember,  patience   is  a  virtue; and,  you  are  dealing  with  volunteers.    Finally,  congratulations  in  advance  to our   Connecticut  athletes  that  secure  an  invite  to  the  nationals.    For  those that  are  able  to  accept  the  invitation, we wish you the best of luck! Any questions, contact me (Deborah Lyman) at

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