Collector of .22 LR and National Match ammunition, Camp Perry memorabilia and Winchester Palma rifles

Hap Rocketto was a passionate collector of .22 LR and National Match ammunition, Camp Perry memorabilia and Winchester Palma rifles. He had an unmatched knowledge of the subject that he pursued with unflagging energy.

Hap Rocketto served in the Military Police in WWII. He was stationed in Europe to handle prisoners of war and refugees. After his time overseas, he returned to civilian life as a salesman for Winchester Arms Company, where he was promoted to National Sales Manager for 22 Model 70 rifles as well as office manager for the company’s Chicago area branch office until his retirement from that position in 1978.

Rocketto served as president of the Chicago Rifle Shooters Association (CSRR) Board of Directors from 1962-1964. He also served on the NRA Board of Directors from 1970-1972 and again from 1975-1976 before retiring due to health reasons.

Pistol Pete Rocketto was one of the most influential National Rifle Association (NRA) and Civilian Service Rifle Association (CSRR) members in the United States. He is a past President, Board Member, and Treasurer of the NRA. Pete has been collecting Winchester Palma rifles since 2013 and

has been adding to his personal collection by purchasing ammunition which ranges from .22 LR to 12 gauge shotgun shells.

Pistol Pete has served as Board Vice-President of CSRR, Board Member of Pennsylvania State Rifle & Pistol Association, and President of Rocky Mountain Rifle Club.

The CSRR is a world-wide organization that traces its roots to the Camp Perry, Ohio rifle matches.

(Camp Perry, Ohio)

The Civilian Service Rifle Range (CSRR) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history and traditions of the sport of service rifle shooting and promoting civilian marksmanship training.

CSRR operates on a continuous calendar year with events held at major public ranges around the United States.

The CSRR is affiliated with The National Rifle Association and has a Board of Directors that includes NRA Board members Hap Rocketto and Bill Laughridge.

Hap Rocketto was the NRA board director from 1985 to 2000. He has been on the NRA Board of Directors for a total of 24 years.

The National Rifle Association has been around for about 150 years and is one of the oldest civil rights organizations in America. The NRA is an organization that supports the protection and defense of our Second Amendment rights.

Mr Rocketto was an avid shooter, hunter and collector. He owned many guns as well as ammunition, memorabilia and other collectibles related to shooting sports.

In his lifetime he had done a lot to support gun ownership which made him a great candidate for the NRA’s Board of Directors.

Hap loved collecting Winchester Palma rifles among other things, but his favorite rifle was his 1917 Colt Model 1911 semiautomatic rifle with Winchester factory engraved ivory grips that he carried during World War II in Italy as a pilot in the Army Air Corps where it saved his life when he received severe burns across.

The Collectors Society of Rare Riflemen is a group of firearm enthusiasts with a focus on the preservation of vintage military rifles. They are also the board of directors for the NRA.

Hap Rocketto, also known as Mr. High-Powered, is an American firearms collector and author. He is a member of CSRR and President of the NRA’s Board of Directors

Hap Rocketto has always been a lover of guns and hunting, but it was not until he attended his first Professional Shooting Competition in 1969 that he became enthralled by the precision shooting sport.

Rocketto joined CSRR in 1966 where he served as a Director for four consecutive years before being elected to the Board of Directors for the NRA in 1974.

He served on the Board until 1978 when went back to be director again until 1990 when he was once again elected to the Board as president where he currently serves as President.